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What are Hand Chopped Stone Cuts?

carriage house


Hand Chopped Cuts

Hand chopped stone cuts are also a popular choice. They are hand formed rough squares and rectangles sized at randon heights ranging from 3″ to 8″ tall with square rectangluar widths that are 3-5″ thick. This cut covers approximantely 40-45 square feet per ton (same as the sawn stone cut). Popular color options include autumn blends, cream, gold, browns and reds.

What is the Sawn Stone Pattern?



Sawn Stone Patterns
Another unique pattern available is the sawn cut. It is typiclally a rectangular or square cut with heights that are cut into certain specifications. Typically the sawn pieces are 4-12″ with square to rectangluar widths and 3-5″ thick. They cover 40-45 sqare feet per ton (one load usually covers a nice sized patio or bathroom) and come in tan, white, red, autumn and mixed blends.

Understanding Irregular Stone Patterns


Take a look at these photos showing you how irregular stone patterns create both horizontal and vertical joints.


Irregular Stone Patterns

Of many patterns available, people often chose the natural broken look of the irregular builder cut. It is often used with rustic designs. Similar to the pattern on a giraffe’s back, the irregular builder comes in many different colors including tans, autumn blends, reds and browns. When the irregular cut is installed as a wall veneer it is normally 3-5″ thick covering approximately 35-45 feet per ton. You can compare 35-45 square feet to the size of a patio.  This irregular stone pattern is broken into shapes and sold by weight.  The face of the stone is larger than a dinner plate and but smaller than a chair cushion.