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The Best way to Install Stone Veneer on a Retaining Wall

Whether it is a cut slope or an engineered wall, veneered retaining walls depict high end luxury. Stone veneer may be used on retaining walls of virtually any height and thickness. Thin stone veneer is a magnificent design choice for retaining walls. Basically, landscape retaining walls is meant to hold back dirt. However, they may be used to enhance the beauty of the property. Basically, traditional retaining walls are boring and drab. However, veneering such walls can boost their appearance. Proper installation of these blocks is very vital in creating a lasting visual appeal on retaining walls. Here is an overview of the best way to install stone veneer on a retaining wall.

Calculating The Materials

Before starting the process, you need to do calculations and estimate the amount of materials you will need for the project. This is done by calculating the square footage of the retaining wall by multiplying the length by the height of the wall. This will make it easier for you to estimate the number of blocks and the amount of mortar you will need.

Surface Preparation

This step is essential as it ensures that the Stone veneer is not easily damaged by weather elements. To begin with, you should first clean the surface to eliminate any paint, dirt and debris. You may need to sandblast the surface if it is painted.

Applying the Stone

Having cleaned the surface, you may now proceed to install the thin stone veneer. Basically, the stones are attached to the wall using veneer stone mortar. To prepare the mortar, mix polymer fortified Type S mortar, which is pre-blended, with water. These should be mixed according to the manufacturer’s directions. The stones should then be laid flat to make the desired pattern. At this point, you should cut and trim the blocks to the desired size and shape. You should then clean the blocks to ensure that they are free of dirt and loose particles.

Working your way from the bottom, you should first install all the corner pieces. Using a masonry brush, dampen the back of the stones to ensure that it does not absorb moisture from the mortar. After this, butter the back of the stone with a layer of mortar, preferably half to one inch thick. Now lay the stone against the retaining wall, while rotating and pressing slightly. After installing all the stones, you should fill all the joints with grout.

Elegant Thin Stone veneer is the best way to add a bit of beauty and excitement to a traditional retaining wall. With the above guide, installation of these blocks should be easy.

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