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Interior Stone Veneer

You know darn well that if you use an interior stone veneer for one of your inside design projects, you will have indeed made a bold and dramatic statement! You will be telling all of your guests that you have a love for the natural stone look in your living environment that is just downright elegant. You probably could add a few more adjectives like warm, inviting, and sophisticated to go along with that if you want.

But the nice thing about it all though, is that you won’t have to tell anyone that you also have a love for being cost-conscious in your projects when you decorate. (We’ll just keep that our little secret!) And there is absolutely no doubt that when you choose an interior stone veneer from Constitution Thin Stone Veneer, the cost differences that you’ll experience over many of the stone veneer products that now exist in the marketplace will certainly put a smile on your face.

Interior Stone Veneer Brandywine

For the longest time, many people have shied away from using an interior stone veneer for a variety of reasons and not only due to the costs involved. One of the biggest factors has been the concern of the additional weight on your structure. Now, this might not be an issue if you are designing a home from scratch because you can address additional support issues right up front if you were planning on using a full-size stone. But if you didn’t buy your home new and you want to remodel using the natural look of stone, without having to have architectural changes made (expensive) in order to use an interior stone veneer, where does that leave you? Read on and I’ll tell you all you need to know.

Thin Is Definitely In When It Comes To An Interior Stone Veneer!

Now I wanted to write something catchy like maybe “How to lose weight instantly by using Constitution thin interior stone veneer”, but I erased it as my wife saw it and started to roll her eyes and gave me…that look. You guys know what I’m talking about here I’m sure and you ladies know too! But enough of that, let’s talk some stone. The fact of the matter is that now you can get the gorgeous look of natural stone in virtually any room of your house by using one of the many thin interior stone veneer products that we now have available.

Interior Stone Veneer Bunker Hill

The thin interior stone veneer product line at Constitution, which by the way is now one of the largest in the country and I’m quite proud of that fact, is a REAL thin stone veneer. Not manufactured. Not fake or faux. Real stone that we cut and split so that it averages 13-14 pounds per square foot. Now I’m not going to get all technical on you here, but just know that our building products meet or exceed what is known as the BOCA code. These guys set some pretty high standards for building codes across the country and every single one of our thin interior stone veneer products passes with flying colors.

With the many color choices that we offer at Constitution, your creativity is only limited to your imagination. Our thin interior stone veneer line includes sophisticated grays, warm and luxurious browns, and elegant buff tones to make any room in your house come alive with the unique style that only the look of true natural stone can give you.

To Faux Or Not To Faux When It Comes To An Interior Stone Veneer

When it comes to remodeling or designing from scratch using a thin interior stone veneer you should ask yourself this question. If you can get a real stone that was produced by Mother Nature and it was the same price, or in many instances LESS COST than a faux stone product, wouldn’t it just make sense to use natural stone? Are you nodding your head yes? Uh-huh. Good! We agree.

Although there are many differences between a faux interior stone veneer and a natural one, one of the most obvious ones is that over the course of time a faux stone has a tendency to fade. Now that may be the look you want, I don’t know. But a natural thin stone veneer maintains its original appearance for a time period of hmmm…let’s just use the word..Forever! It will look just as luxurious 20 years down the road as the day it was installed. This is just one of the many reasons why so many homeowners choose natural stone products over fake stone products.

Interior Stone Veneer Irish Grey

Another factor to consider is that on a faux stone, if something should happen and it gets chipped, yes indeed, this happens even though faux stone is made from a concrete mix, you now have a spot or spots that become not so eye appealing. With a natural thin interior stone veneer should something happen and it chips, well it still looks the same! Why? Because it’s natural and the coloration goes all the way through. This is especially helpful if one has to make cuts to fit a certain area of a project. On a faux stone, you will have the exposed concrete edges (not pretty), on a real stone veneer piece you can cut to your heart’s content and not worry about this issue.

Final Thoughts On Choosing A Thin Interior Stone Veneer

One of the things that we do pride ourselves on here at Constitution Thin Stone Veneer, and what has made us into one of the premier thin interior stone veneer dealers in the country in just 5 short years, is our commitment to working with an individual through every step of a project. Why? Because without satisfied customers, we cease to exist. We treat you just like we want to be treated, with respect, and by going above and beyond what is considered the norm for customer support and service.

If you need help with any project that you want to undertake, whether it be a kitchen backsplash, an accent wall to show off your new wood stove, or a total redo of a family room, we can help. With decades of combined experience in the stone industry, there isn’t a situation that we haven’t run across in using any of our unique thin interior stone veneer products, and our knowledge and expertise will always be just a simple phone call away.

Simply put, we at Constitution Thin Stone Veneer would like the opportunity to earn your trust, and your business when it comes time for you to choose the thin interior stone veneer for your next creative remodeling project. Whatever information you may need, whether it be a FREE ESTIMATE on your materials, or you want to tap into our vast network of trusted installers, you owe it to yourself to experience a company that puts YOU first.

We look forward to getting to know you and we look forward to helping you choose your next thin interior stone veneer!

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