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The advantages of thin stone veneer with a guide to getting the best.

thin stone veneer


The natural stone thin veneer is unique and comparably cheap. If you intend to use the veneer on your fireplace, outdoor kitchen or pillars, you will find thin stone veneer easy to use. It also adds a natural, authentic touch to your work. Unlike the artificial version, natural stone veneer comes from real natural stone sawn and split to the desired thinness. The most common thinness is around one inch thick.

Buying thin stone veneer.

Natural thin stone veneer has many synonyms. You might, therefore, get confused when it comes to buying. Some commonly used names include stone façade, stone lining, stone sheeting, stone veneer, thin stone veneer, real stone veneer, stone cladding, stone facing, stone overlay, brick veneer or stone siding.

Benefits of using thin stone veneer.

Cost effectiveness: natural stone veneer is relatively cheap. Compared to the artificial version, you get quality for less. While the artificial version is not as good as the natural, version, they surprisingly go for around the same prices.

Ease of use: the natural thin stone veneer comes with pre-cut corners and full thickness. It also does not add any extra weight to the surface.

Stress-free installation: natural thin stone veneer installs with ease just like its artificial counterpart. Within no time, you will complete the installation process.

Flexibility: there are many options available for natural thin stone veneer. You can choose from the various colors, grains, types of stone/brick and textures available. You can also decide on one of the many face options available.

Vast uses: when it comes to uses, you will love what the natural version can do. It easily blends in with many surfaces. You can install it on wood structures, drywall, on top of brick surfaces, concrete blocks, and stucco. Whether outdoor or indoor, it will still blend in.

Where to purchase thin stone veneer.

With the many technological advancements, you can now comfortably buy thin stone veneer online. There are many stores available for thin stone veneer sale. Browse through this stores to see if any of them has what you have in mind. You can also go through reviews from the customers and experts. It helps when it comes to making a decision. The suppliers also have teams of experts who can advise you accordingly. Feel free to call them, share your ideas, and they will deliver just what you need.

Thin stone veneer prices vary from one supplier to the other. Go through various sites to determine the cheapest. Take note that the sellers have different delivery times. Some will deliver your product within one business day while some might even take a week. Therefore, it is good that you consult them on this in case you need your thin stone delivered soonest possible. There are also some ‘offline’ shops that sell thin stone veneer. They too are found online. The majority have websites through which you can get contact details and directions.

Selecting the best thin stone veneer.

The best thin veneer stone ;should be one that is design friendly. Regardless of the nature of your project, the thin stone veneer should fit in perfectly. It should also be eco-friendly. A natural thin stone veneer that does not change with time and with regards to changes in the weather best matches the ‘eco-friendly’ tag. It should further not tamper with the surroundings. The best way to determine if the thin stone veneer goes by the above criteria is to read widely. Read customer reviews online as well as expert reviews on the thin stone veneer you choose.;

Natural Thin Stone Veneer: The Benefits, Where to Buy and How to Choose

thin stone veneer

Many people to do their projects, whether complete construction or home improvement, using natural thin stone veneer and there is good reason it has proven to be a great, affordable alternative finish that has a natural look. It can be used for all kinds of projects including walls, sidewalks, interiors, terraces and even paving walkways. As a homeowner, you will be choosing one of the best and longest lasting finishes if you choose to use thin veneer stone. Let us look at some of the benefits in detail:

It is long lasting. If you think that brick will last longer you are wrong. Thin veneer lasts just as long and requires little or no maintenance over the years.

It is very light. This means that it is easy to deliver at the construction site, it is easy to work with and best of all, contractors tend to complete their projects faster because the material is easy to install.

It is natural looking. Many people want their homes to look natural both on the outside and the inside and natural thin stone veneer is a good way to achieve this. The other great thing is that it doesnt discolor with age.

It is highly affordable. If you are having a problem affording full size bricks then you should know that natural thin stone veneer costs far less sometimes as much as 3 times less. It also helps you cut overall labor costs because your project is finished faster.

The stone is veneered by the vendor so you dont have to bother with any special equipment.

As it is light, this is the perfect finish when there are load concerns on walls. It can be added without altering much in terms of weight.

It can be used with a variety of other finishes. The beauty of thin stone veneer is that since it is natural it can be made to look great with almost anything. If you want to improve the look of one of the walls in your home, for instance, you dont have to touch the finishing on the rest of the walls just install thin stone veneer and you have a brand new and much improved look.

Where should you buy natural thin stone veneer?

It is important that you find a vendor who will give you a good deal. Since there are many of them around you may have to narrow the list down by talking to them and looking at their products. The important thing to ensure is that your thin stone veneer will be delivered at your construction site without much fuss and that the vendor sends along people to get it off the truck and into your storage area. Depending on the size of your project you may also want to find a vendor who can give you reasonable discounts. You should also look for a vendor who is close to your site as this reduces transportation costs.

What should you look for when buying natural thin stone veneer?

This finish is natural so there isnt much that you should watch out for. That said, the vendor should ensure that his veneers are cleaned up a little without losing their natural look. This allows for direct installation without builders having to chip and shape the veneers.

Using Natural Thin Stone Veneer for a Great Finish for Your Texas Project

Whether you are constructing a commercial or residential building, one of the most important things to do is install a great looking finish that will last. Natural thin stone veneer is a good choice. It is made, as the name suggests, from natural stone. The stone is sliced into veneers using diamond bladed saws. There are many natural thin stone veneer Texas companies that supply this finish. If you are not sure whether it is the right material for your project, consider that it comes with the following advantages:

Most people choose it because it is more affordable than full stone veneers. Construction projects are never cheap and project managers are looking to cut costs where they can. This finish comes at a price that many can afford without compromising quality. Whether installed inside or outside, it can last for decades without losing its good looks.

It weights a lot less than thin stone veneers and this has 3 benefits. The first is that a thin stone veneer Texas company is not a big deal they are not worried as it doesnt take a lot of labor to load on and off the truck and it also costs them less. The second is that it is easier to work with. Although some may imagine that because it is thin it is harder to install, the thinness actually makes it easier to work with. The third benefit of this finish being light is that it is delivered faster you can do two loads in the time it takes to do one of full stone.

You can shave off a big chunk of time on your construction project if you choose thin veneer stone. As it is easier to work with, contractors tend to finish working with it bin half the time that it takes them to finish installing other finishes.

If your construction is comprised of several storeis then weight is an issue. One way of reducing the load on your walls is to contact a natural thin stone veneer Texas company and buy their finish. Because this finish is light it tends to add very little to the overall load of the wall.

It is a great finish for small rooms because it doesnt take up much space. While thicker materials can be up to 6 inches deep, natural thin stone veneer is usually between .75 inches and 2 inches deep.

You get a natural looking finish which is more than can be said for some of the other finishing materials that are available in the market.

How best to work with thin stone veneers

Natural thin veneer is not suitable for all projects, it is up to your contractor to advice on whether it can be used on your particular project. That said, the exclusions are very few and it is suitable for most residential and commercial buildings. Before you call a natural thin stone veneer Texas company to deliver, take the following into account:

Your contractor may be opposed to the idea of having to do the veneers on site. If this is the case you should look for a thin veneer stone Texas company that does the veneers themselves and delivers a ready-to-use product.

Some areas of the construction, such as corners, keystones, lintels and more require heavier masonry. Your contractor can use full stone veneers for these.

The walls where veneers will be installed cannot be repaired later so by the time the veneers are installed all repairs should have been done. They should also be framed properly.

How do you whether natural thin veneer is right for you?

If you are not an expert in finishing you may be wondering whether you should instead choose thick stone veneers for your project. The truth is that only a professional can help you decide. If you have doubts start by talking with your contractor. The experts at the thin stone veneer Texas shop are also in a position to advice. If your worry is the cost then you should ask them to provide you with stone veneer prices in Texas. That said, choosing thin stone veneers is a good idea because they are cheaper than most other finishes and they last just as long as thick stone veneers.

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How to Install Thin Stone Veneer on a Retaining Wall

Thin stone veneer is one of the most commonly installed finishes on retaining walls it is beautiful and it is also long lasting. For those who love DIY projects, you will be happy to know that you can install stone veneer walls yourself with just a little guidance. It doesn’t take that long and if you do it as directed the result will be just as good as a professionally done job.

Get started by calculating how much material you will need. You don’t want to run out and have to buy additional supplies in the middle of your project. It is always better to have a little left over than to run short. Calculate the square footage of the wall so that you can know how many thin veneer bricks you will need and also how much mortar will go into it. After that, follow the following steps:

1. Start by cleaning the wall completely. You must get rid of old paint, debris and basically anything else that may get in the way of the bricks adhering to the wall. Depending on the condition of the surface you may need to use a sandblaster over it a little.

2. The next step is to mix the mortar. The best kind is called Type S because it is per-blended. You can buy it at the same place where you bought the thin stone veneers. There are manufacturer instructions on the packaging that tell you how much water you should use.

Thin stone veneer

3. Make sure that the bricks are also clean of debris. If you want to shape them this is the time to do it. Arrange all your stones and see if they form that pattern that you want.

4. Now it is time to install the bricks starting at the corners. Dampen the back of each stone and then apply a layer of mortar on it. Between one and two inches of mortar is enough depending on the thickness of the veneers. Press the stone into the retaining wall and make sure that it is in the desired position. After you do this on the whole wall you then have to fill the gaps with grout. Clean away any bits that may stick to the bricks so that you have a clean looking wall in the end.

Installing thin stone veneers is one of the easiest DIY projects you can do in your home. If you are not very sure of yourself start with a small portion of retaining wall and see if you like the results.

The Benefits of Buying Stone Veneers Directly From a Quarry

For many people looking to conduct a home improvement project, buying stone veneers directly from a quarry can indeed be a great idea. Although in the past few years a lot of brokers and third parties have flooded the stone veneer industry, it is still possible to get these stone right from the source. The days when you really needed to spend a lot of money on thin stone veneers are now gone and the idea of buying straight from a quarry should be exciting and interesting for any homeowner.

To be honest, buying a thin stone veneer from a quarry has a number of amazing benefits and it is something a lot of homeowners or any other person looking to undertake a simple or large stone veneer project should really consider. The following are some of the main benefits of buying stone veneers directly from a quarry:

It is Cost Effective

One of the main reasons why in recent years the cost of stone veneers has risen to unimaginable levels is due to the huge number of third parties and middlemen that control the business. In case you are looking to secure quality stone veneers at the best price in the market then buying directly from a quarry is indeed a great option. That way, you wont have to incur the unnecessary expenses that arise due to the commissions and fees middlemen have to be paid every time you purchase the stones.

You Chose the Stone Color You Want

Stone veneer quarries have great diversities in stones consequently, you have the opportunity to choose the color you want. Remember, different people have diverse preferences and sometimes a color that may suit someone else may not be the same with you. However, going to the quarry directly will help you sample the different stone veneers available and their colors with the ultimate goal of choosing something that appeals to you.

You Get To Hand Pick the Cut You Want

Stone veneers come with different sizes and different shapes. The truth is, buying directly from a quarry can be a great way of picking out the cut you want in line with the project you intend to undertake. The most important thing is to know exactly what kind of stones you need and just go for them. As aforementioned, the best thing about quarries is that you get outstanding diversity. Whether you are looking for a thin stone veneer or a thick one, its only in a quarry where you can get them.

You Are Able To Choose Strong and Durable Stones

Finally, in case you are looking for strong, durable and natural stone veneers, buying directly from a quarry is indeed highly recommended. The problem with many middle men is that you rarely trust them to deliver strong and quality stones therefore, going directly to the quarry is a sure way of getting durable and strong stones for your home improvement projects at all times.

By and large, the benefits of buying stone veneers directly from a quarry is a perfect way of ensuring that you get quality stones at a more realistic and affordable price point. Although going straight to the quarry may seem a little hectic and time consuming, when you take a look at these benefits, its indeed worth it. Remember, the ultimate goal is to buy quality stones that meet your preferences and standards in the long run. After all, there is a broad diversity of quarries around and checking them out regularly for a quality stone veneer should be a stress-free process.

The Best way to Install Stone Veneer on a Retaining Wall

Whether it is a cut slope or an engineered wall, veneered retaining walls depict high end luxury. Stone veneer may be used on retaining walls of virtually any height and thickness. Thin stone veneer is a magnificent design choice for retaining walls. Basically, landscape retaining walls is meant to hold back dirt. However, they may be used to enhance the beauty of the property. Basically, traditional retaining walls are boring and drab. However, veneering such walls can boost their appearance. Proper installation of these blocks is very vital in creating a lasting visual appeal on retaining walls. Here is an overview of the best way to install stone veneer on a retaining wall.

Calculating The Materials

Before starting the process, you need to do calculations and estimate the amount of materials you will need for the project. This is done by calculating the square footage of the retaining wall by multiplying the length by the height of the wall. This will make it easier for you to estimate the number of blocks and the amount of mortar you will need.

Surface Preparation

This step is essential as it ensures that the Stone veneer is not easily damaged by weather elements. To begin with, you should first clean the surface to eliminate any paint, dirt and debris. You may need to sandblast the surface if it is painted.

Applying the Stone

Having cleaned the surface, you may now proceed to install the thin stone veneer. Basically, the stones are attached to the wall using veneer stone mortar. To prepare the mortar, mix polymer fortified Type S mortar, which is pre-blended, with water. These should be mixed according to the manufacturer’s directions. The stones should then be laid flat to make the desired pattern. At this point, you should cut and trim the blocks to the desired size and shape. You should then clean the blocks to ensure that they are free of dirt and loose particles.

Working your way from the bottom, you should first install all the corner pieces. Using a masonry brush, dampen the back of the stones to ensure that it does not absorb moisture from the mortar. After this, butter the back of the stone with a layer of mortar, preferably half to one inch thick. Now lay the stone against the retaining wall, while rotating and pressing slightly. After installing all the stones, you should fill all the joints with grout.

Elegant Thin Stone veneer is the best way to add a bit of beauty and excitement to a traditional retaining wall. With the above guide, installation of these blocks should be easy.

Thin stone veneer

Using natural stone thin veneer Texas on the exterior of your home

If you are looking to give a special appearance to your home, then you must definitely have to try natural stone thin veneer Texas. I’ve talked about this quit a bit. I can not emphasize enough how it can make something go from ordinary to extraordinary.

highest quality natural stone in a variety of colors, cuts, and patterns that will add value and distinction to any custom residential or commercial project.

outdoor fireplace with thin stone veneer

This product will provide a premium appearance and will allow your house to easily get lots of compliments. Furthermore, it will provide enhanced protection and it will add a sleek modern look. It is a easy update and will add some value to your home. Natural Stone thin veneer is a product that will add seek style and exclusivity to your home. It will look like your paid a contractor several thousands of dollars – when you only did this yourself over a weekend.

highest quality natural stone in a variety of colors, cuts, and patterns that will add value and distinction to any custom residential or commercial project.

The first stage of the fireplace.

Thin stone veneer holds up through time. Very durable! This stone is able to transform an average home into a state of the art place ready for the presence of guests as well as for hosting family members at all times. Guests will think you had demolition done or a wall created when only you placed thin stone veneer on top of an existing wall.

Where can you use thin stone veneer
If you enjoy having fun with your family outdoors for the weekend why not enhance your outdoor fireplace with thin stone veneer. And what better way to put it in evidence than by adding this exquisite stone which has been designed in such manner as to resist any type of weather and time? Why natural stone veneer is a good choice.

You are a special person hence the reason why you deserve the very best. Why waste time with cheaper materials and appliances when you can opt for this premium veneer stone and give your house a truly unique look? Although many homes in Texas still rejoice from a classic appearance, the few ones who have embraced modernism showed that it’s possible to achieve something full of personality with a relatively decent budget. Thus, if you are wishing for the best in terms of style and appearance, then you can count on natural stone veneer.

What is Thin Stone Veneer
Natural stone thin veneer in Texas as you may know already, this stone finds itself in a natural Texas stone, mostly light in color and in an unaltered state which means that it will resist without problems in extreme Texas heat and for a longer period of time. Thin stone veneer is just the front or face of the stone. It does not embody the entire rock. It has a clean cut to allow you to place the veneer to any flat surface.

highest quality natural stone in a variety of colors, cuts, and patterns that will add value and distinction to any custom residential or commercial project.

Natural thin stone veneer on face of a new home

Upgrade your home
By choosing this type of stone for yourself what you actually do is add a new life. You step into the modern era and that bit of style which traditional homes simply lack and will never be able to achieve. If you consider yourself a special person and want to given yourself a treat for the upcoming period, then you simply can’t go wrong by choosing to invest in the renovation of your home. After all, this is the place where you spend the largest part of your time and also the place where happiness is more than welcome. Thus, why not make it more special than ever and improve it with the aid of this unique natural stone veneer which will make all your neighbors envious? Make your home a more visually-delightful place and be proud to make a long term investment which will certainly prove rewarding. This type of stone will most definitely be appreciated by all your family members, friends and relatives.

How To Use Thin Veneer Stone On An Indoor Fireplace


Planning to install an indoor fireplace? With natural stone veneers as I have found out you have many varieties to suit your taste and application. Natural stone thin veneer  material is durable with little to no water absorption especially compared to the slightly porous man-made stone.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Natural Stone Thin Veneer

Great way to start your fireplace project. Lay them out first to ensure all the pieces fit together nicely.

Great way to start your fireplace project. Lay them out first to ensure all the pieces fit together nicely.

I can install natural stone thin veneer in a half the time I would use to install a full veneer. It has a thinner cut profile therefore I can lay it out without a brick or stone foundation ledge. This makes it quite good for a remodeling project and zero-clearance fireplaces. Being thin and relatively light in weight, I can basically install thin stone veneer anywhere aligning it to the vertical surface. Therefore, I don’t require footing for support. It is also easier to handle and I can quickly cut, trim and set it up which also lowers the installation costs. With more varieties that are now available I pre-cut thin stone veneer corner pieces just like a full veneer. This makes thin stone veneer quite ideal for covering unwanted brick on a fireplace. The added aesthetic feature makes it a great addition to how my house looks. Though the material costs averagely about the same as a full stone veneer, I will ably handle a job using thin stone veneer than with the full veneer.

Do I Have To Hire A Mason To Install The Natural Thin Veneer Or Can I Do It Myself?

Thin stone veneer Fireplace-02

THis is what the finished fireplace will look like. Add a shelf for the family photos

I can easily set up most patterned materials through a D-I-Y installation process. A professional mason can install the stone on my fireplace but if I follow the installation guidelines outlined by the stone suppliers, I am assured of getting the best results.

What Is The Difference Between Natural Stone Thin Veneer Texas Material And A Man-Made Stone?

Compared to man-made stone, natural thin veneer is unique in both color and shape. The stone has no color differences from flats to corner or flats to flats because it is not made from varying manufactured runs. I can also custom cut it and trim it to my specifications. Great thing is that you can also by pre-cut corner pieces – so it looks like a real piece of brick on the corners.

Do I Require A Sealer For The Thin Stone Veneer Installed On A Fireplace?

I don’t require a sealer to seal my stonework but where necessary there are a variety of sealers I can choose from. There are good sealers that when applied well can change the appearance of my fireplace and also enhance the color of the stone and even give it a wet look.

Will I Need Any Extra Floor Support If I Plan To Finish The Fireplace With Natural Stone Thin Veneer All The Way Up To The Ceiling?

Thin stone veneer Fireplace-03In most cases, I won’t require an extra floor support to handle such a task. It is however a major concern and therefore I can check with my contractor or mason for further approval before proceeding with the job.

Generally, apart from being affordable and easily customizable, natural stone thin veneer will not only add value to my home but I can also install it myself in the process saving additional money I can commit to other remodeling projects.

I found some YouTube videos I watched to help me with the thin stone veneer project.

I found that getting stone straight from the quarry cuts out the middle man and is far more cost effective. I found one Quarry that was near me.