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Thin Stone Veneer

Without a doubt, when you choose a thin stone veneer for any type of construction project that you have in mind, no matter if it’s your entryway, your whole house, an interior fireplace, or an accent wall, you will instantly add stunning, natural beauty to your home. On top of the aesthetic appeal you get with the usage of a stone veneer, a natural thin stone veneer dramatically increases the value of your residence due to the fact that the usage of stone has long been held in such high regard by potential home buyers. Some like to refer to it as timeless elegance.

Thin Stone Veneer

A thin stone veneer can take a drab interior or exterior surface and add a sophisticated appearance that makes people almost stand and look in admiration. (some may even get close and want to touch!) Yes, that will happen, so I’m kind of warning you here. Oh, and when you do add the look of natural stone, especially when you use it inside of your home, be prepared to accept lots of compliments from your guests. Yes, it’s a dirty job but I think you are well up to the task. Right?

Now, I’m not going to keep raving on about why I think a thin stone veneer can add a touch of elegance and natural beauty to your house. I could do that for hours because the look of stone is like no other. That is why I have made sure Thin Stone Veneers has what I feel is the best and one of the largest selections of natural thin stone veneers in the country.  Most likely the reason you have arrived here is to find out more about these natural stone veneer products and find out how they can be best used for your own unique construction or remodeling needs. Am I close on that one? Yes. Kind of thought so. So let’s take a look at that, shall we?

The Advantages Of Using Thin Stone Veneer

To begin with, there is a whole boatload of advantages to using a thin stone veneer compared to using the full stone variety. The biggest advantage and one that most people are concerned with is the overall reduced cost. And what has to be realized is that it isn’t just the cost savings of the product when you compare it to full-size stone or the reduced cost in shipping your thin stone veneer pallets, it’s the overall cost of installing the product once it reaches your site. Let me explain that just a little bit further.

Thin Stone Veneer

With a standard full-size stone product, installation takes longer just due to the weight of the full-size stone. In the masonry business, we used to call it “set up time”. You can only lay so much at one time! Now, if installation takes longer, you pay your mason contractor more money! Now I won’t go as far as saying that installing a thin stone veneer can be about half the cost, but I will say that it’s pretty damn close! And in today’s economy, you need ways to trim your building costs but still achieve the results that you desire. Wouldn’t you agree?

Thin Stone Veneer

The second biggest advantage of using a thin stone veneer over your standard full-size stone product is that you as a homeowner can add the look of natural stone in areas that may not support the weight of full-size stone or where a full-size stone installation just won’t fit. A good example of the weight issue might be adding an accent wall in a room. If the wall isn’t a load-bearing wall, you’ll be hard-pressed to do it with a full-depth stone without some type of reinforcement underneath.

This especially holds true for rooms above ground level. With a thin stone veneer, you have a lot more flexibility on what you can do and where you can do it. Or as they would say on Star Trek, You can boldly go where no decorator has gone before by the use of thin stone veneer products! OK! OK! Bad joke! Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that one. (smile)

A Thin Stone Veneer Is NOT A Faux Stone Product!

OK, if you’ve been in the market for stone veneer products, you’ve probably run across many faux stone products, especially if you’ve paid a visit to any of the so-called big-box stores. Now, let’s get something perfectly clear here. Each and every thin stone veneer product that we carry is made from 100% NATURAL stone. No acrylics. No air-brushed colors. It’s hand split from real stone, then sorted, palletized, and ready to deliver to your job site. No matter what look you are trying to achieve, whether it be the timeless and historical look of our Antique Philly Cobble to the warm and inviting earth tones of our Brandywine stone veneer, we have a thin stone veneer product that will make your finished installation incredibly unique and wonderfully elegant!

Thin Stone Veneer

If you’re unsure of what look you do want to achieve, or just want to take a look at some incredibly beautiful thin stone veneer products, then grab a cup of your favorite beverage and take a peek at some of the unique stone looks that we have in our Gallery. You never know, you may get inspired even further once you see how many choices Thin Stone Veneers has to offer.

Why Should You Choose Thin Stone Veneer?

I’m not going to go all sales here and try and convince you to do business with us. That’s not my style. But what I will tell you is that, unlike many stone companies that you may run across when you are in the market to add a gorgeous thin stone veneer to your home, we work with you until you are completely satisfied.

Need us to talk to your architect or contractor? Not a problem! Need some help figuring out everything you need for your thin stone veneer installation? Not a problem! We have a large, professional, and fully-trained staff on hand to deal with all your questions. Need help in finding a qualified contractor in your area? Not a problem either! Over the course of many years, we have developed a national network of certified and bonded installers who we trust and who can help you with your new thin stone veneer installation.

It doesn’t matter if your job is a couple of hundred square feet or a couple of thousand. We take the view that no job is too big, nor too small and we firmly believe that we have the right thin stone veneer product that will make you stand back and smile once the job is completed. Oh, and did I mention that we ship our Thin Stone Veneer products throughout the continental US? Yup! We sure do.

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