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Using Natural Thin Stone Veneer for a Great Finish for Your Texas Project

Whether you are constructing a commercial or residential building, one of the most important things to do is install a great looking finish that will last. Natural thin stone veneer is a good choice. It is made, as the name suggests, from natural stone. The stone is sliced into veneers using diamond bladed saws. There are many natural thin stone veneer Texas companies that supply this finish. If you are not sure whether it is the right material for your project, consider that it comes with the following advantages:

Most people choose it because it is more affordable than full stone veneers. Construction projects are never cheap and project managers are looking to cut costs where they can. This finish comes at a price that many can afford without compromising quality. Whether installed inside or outside, it can last for decades without losing its good looks.

It weights a lot less than thin stone veneers and this has 3 benefits. The first is that a thin stone veneer Texas company is not a big deal they are not worried as it doesnt take a lot of labor to load on and off the truck and it also costs them less. The second is that it is easier to work with. Although some may imagine that because it is thin it is harder to install, the thinness actually makes it easier to work with. The third benefit of this finish being light is that it is delivered faster you can do two loads in the time it takes to do one of full stone.

You can shave off a big chunk of time on your construction project if you choose thin veneer stone. As it is easier to work with, contractors tend to finish working with it bin half the time that it takes them to finish installing other finishes.

If your construction is comprised of several storeis then weight is an issue. One way of reducing the load on your walls is to contact a natural thin stone veneer Texas company and buy their finish. Because this finish is light it tends to add very little to the overall load of the wall.

It is a great finish for small rooms because it doesnt take up much space. While thicker materials can be up to 6 inches deep, natural thin stone veneer is usually between .75 inches and 2 inches deep.

You get a natural looking finish which is more than can be said for some of the other finishing materials that are available in the market.

How best to work with thin stone veneers

Natural thin veneer is not suitable for all projects, it is up to your contractor to advice on whether it can be used on your particular project. That said, the exclusions are very few and it is suitable for most residential and commercial buildings. Before you call a natural thin stone veneer Texas company to deliver, take the following into account:

Your contractor may be opposed to the idea of having to do the veneers on site. If this is the case you should look for a thin veneer stone Texas company that does the veneers themselves and delivers a ready-to-use product.

Some areas of the construction, such as corners, keystones, lintels and more require heavier masonry. Your contractor can use full stone veneers for these.

The walls where veneers will be installed cannot be repaired later so by the time the veneers are installed all repairs should have been done. They should also be framed properly.

How do you whether natural thin veneer is right for you?

If you are not an expert in finishing you may be wondering whether you should instead choose thick stone veneers for your project. The truth is that only a professional can help you decide. If you have doubts start by talking with your contractor. The experts at the thin stone veneer Texas shop are also in a position to advice. If your worry is the cost then you should ask them to provide you with stone veneer prices in Texas. That said, choosing thin stone veneers is a good idea because they are cheaper than most other finishes and they last just as long as thick stone veneers.

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